Hello, that's me, Laura!

Lithuanian artist & designer, passionate dog lover, plant lady and a stationery freak.

What seems ages ago I got degree in biochemistry but never felt that it is my thing. After graduation, passion for content creation & design led me to work as a marketing manager for a while. This experience helped me to gain valuable know-how, shape my views and work style. Things clicked when I attended local graphic design courses. After finishing this module I was more proud and happy than after receiving my bachelors degree... So things were pretty clear where I have to be.

For a long time I dreamed about combining art & design to solve real business problems that bold bloggers and entrepreneurs like you face on daily basis! That involves establishing trusted brand look, adding handmade feeling to your social media communication & helping you to find time to work in your business, not just on it.

I started freelancing without particular knowledge about design industry just like you are pursuing that passion project and learning on the way. But one thing I can tell you right away is that with courage & determination everything is possible!