5 ways to get inspired without using internet resources

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 It is so easy to get lost in the wide internet trap! You decide just to check out emails and spend the whole hour browsing through Pinterest or Instagram, sometimes even both. Guilty? This is a real struggle! And often times when you want to be inspired or just starting the work on some project and want to look up for something it can get so overwhelming on the web... Know the feeling? I do!

This is why it is good to disconnect and try to find that much needed inspiration in other places. Wonder where to start? I've decided to share these 5 WAYS TO GET INSPIRED when you need something to start up that creativity wave. It helps and comes without feeling guilty for starring at the computer for hours or not being able to put your phone down!

5 ways on how to get inspired without using internet!


Go to new places! Pick a new route for going home or to the store. Don't be afraid to get lost and wander around. I know that while traveling I feel most inspired,, because being in the new place gives so much new feelings and emotions. You start to see everything with a fresh look and from other side!


Photography gives another way to look at things and how they combine together. Try to find different angles and new ways to take a picture! It can be blurry and faded, but maybe this will be the one that will drive you to create something?

TIP: Better bring your camera than phone. Phone gives a lot of unnecessary distractions!

5 ways on how to get inspired without using internet!


Talks. Walks. Sharing ideas. Everything can help! While being not a huge fan of communicating I sometimes find it hard to be open with others, but when I do.. Oh, it can be so interesting and creativity might strike very unexpectedly!


Take goodies from nature. Leaves & flowers. Little treasures to remind you where you have been! I personally can't keep flowers in my home without thinking how it would look dried... I have a huge collection of dried flowers and like to use it for taking pictures. They look so inspiring and no walking in nature can end without me collecting some petals or blossoms! I even used to bring home stones or branches, you would be amazed how a little paint can change the way some things look. When having these supplies from nature I used to come up with various DIY projects and decorate my home!


Don't think about your to do lists. Don't get involved in planning ahead. Let yourself relax and enjoy the moment. Do your favorite things! Find ten or twenty minutes to read that magazine or the book from your shelf. Play with a dog. Go outside and just sit for a while. Maybe you will see a cute cloud, scary bug or hear a wonderful sound. Anything could happen!

Do this when you feel tired or unmotivated. Maybe both. We spend so much time attached to our cellphones and hours without looking away from the computer screen. No wonder that this can cause trouble to come up with new, fresh ideas.

Firstly, to be inspired and ready for creative work we have to feel good in our bodies and minds. Spending some time in nature away from all that digital noise can be the one thing that you need to feel whole again!

5 ways how to disconnect and get inspired away from your computer and phone!

What are your thoughts?

Have you any tips for boosting creativity and infusing inspiration?

It would be lovely to discuss this!