8 ideas on drawing dreamy flowers with watercolors | Tutorial

Creative activities - 8 ideas for drawing dreamy flowers

Flowers are my drawing object when I want to relax and just paint for fun. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing a bunch of magical and colorful blooms on the page! That's why I'm sharing my process on drawing these little beauties.

Tutorial on how to draw various watercolor flowers. Process photos!

Gather all the supplies: paper, paints, brushes, water and a paper towel to clean the mess!

Dreamy watercolor flower tutorial

I started by simply drawing shapes and connecting them together. I tried to use different colors to make flowers more interesting. Some turned out more like real ones and others seems to be totally from the dream world!

Dreamy watercolor flower tutorial
yellow watercolor flower

I'm really inpatient so waiting till one layer of the paint dries so that the other could be applied is not for me. Applying colors on wet surface is more of a challenge and you can not predict the result. Paint starts to mix and you can end up with a real mess, but this is the best part for me! Seeing colors change and connect is so interesting.

Dreamy watercolor flower tutorial
Dreamy watercolor flower tutorial
Dreamy watercolor flower tutorial

You will definitely end up with different designs than mine and that's the beauty of watercolor paints. The result  is magical and, oh, so interesting.

Dreamy watercolor flower tutorial
green weird flower

So pick up your brush and start creating. I wish that this will inspire you to draw something today. Everyday practice with watercolors can give you the whole other experience with drawing. Just try it!


Let me know how it goes in the comments,

Can't wait to see your results!