How to create a quick calligraphy illustration | Tutorial

Creating a quick calligraphy illustration. Tutorial.

Writing is a passion that gets me excited as long as I can do it simple and with a brush! Making these inspirational calligraphy quotes is the best way to relax.

Will you join me?

  • Take your brush and water, have a paper towel near you

I'm using black watercolor paints, but whatever water based ink will do the trick!

  • Think about the words you want to write and start!
  • Put some pressure on the down stroke
calligraphy illustration
  • Be quick and make sure to watch out and don't mess everything with your hand

I often accidentally touch paint and then make a mess all around the letters. Be aware and avoid that!

  • Experiment with different sizes of your letters. Write in caps, be your own boss and brake rules.
"Art heals my soul" Calligraphy illustration by Laura Bei
"Art heals my soul" Calligraphy illustration by Laura Bei

I'm often in the mood to make some mess on the paper. This time was no exception. Splattering paints all around is my favorite part!

"Art heals my soul" Calligraphy illustration by Laura Bei. Full tutorial on this artwork!

Today I'm writing shorter than usually. I hope that this post will motivate you to write something in your journal or maybe create a wall art piece. Just take a brush and say what you feel today. I'm thinking all about my feelings while on a drawing mission and it's so calm inside.

I feel happy and hope you'll too!