How to fight off the lack of motivation | 3 things to write down

How to fight with lack of motivation - by Laura Bei.jpg

From time to time it happens to most of us. We get tired, overwhelmed and it seems that everyone is doing great, except us. Then comes the circle of self punishment, bad feeling and lack of purpose. If you yourself or your business are in this kind of position right now stop what you are doing and read this!

We all evolve differently

We manage tasks and time our own way. What works for others might not work for you. But how to know what to do if you are already in this slump? Take a pen and write 3 things that motivates you.

Write down 3 activities that make you feel PROUD

Productive, respected, organized, useful & delighted.

My list looks like this:

1. Learning

Through Skillshare or Youtube/by reading books/listening to interesting podcasts related to my work field. Learning something new instantly activates my brain to actually DO the work & helps me get back on solid ground.

2. Excercising

Doing a workout or going for a longer walk gives me fresh air and allows to feel better in my own skin. Especially if work requires starring at the computer for most of the day you should really think about an activity that would make you spend more time outside. I walk to work by foot as it gives me a solid hour throughout the day to concentrate on my surroundings, listen to music or watch cute puppies pass by! Also, don’t forget to do regular breaks so your eyes would not get tired.

3. Creating

Taking the time to develop a side project, something just for fun, no strings attatched, no need to *make it work for my business*. This usually helps to get back my creative mojo, because new materials require new approach. This process gives me new inspiration, new ideas and I feel eager to apply something new to my work.

So you see, that's not very hard. Just think about what you love doing in your free time and write it down! This physical act is very important because it allows to see your thoughts and needs right in front of you. Do it and you will see how different if feels than just *thinking out loud*.

Take action

When this is done, it is time to take action! Make sure to practice these 3 things at the start of your day. Get up earlier if necessary, you will notice that your mind is more active because you just did what you love & it will give an instant feeling of productivity. You will not want to loose it so this feeling will span through right into your work. Give this routine 1-3 days & I tell you, this overwhelm will kiss your sweet ass and run away in tears!

Until... It happens again! It always does. We live in a circle and things repeat themselves. Then make another list, and another. Make sure to take time and think about what you like and care about in the moment, because we all change and it's totally normal to make adjustments and change our routines.

What would be you motivational top 3?