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Illustrations by Laura Bei. Making a digital collage & creating a brand mood board.

After a few days relaxing and procrastinating I have decided to try creating something different. Need to release that overflowing creative energy I have inside. Had been studying for the last two weeks and my brain needs some rest from all of this! In my experience it’s best to dive in creating and crafting.

I thought about looking into my blog branding more seriously for some time now. That’s how I came up with this mood board idea. According to majority of designers & bloggers having a brand mood board is super important. It helps to visualize thoughts & ideas, stay cohesive and most important - to maintain inspiration flowing.

Probably I should have worked the other way around. First, create a mood board and then start on building this blog (haha!). However, I’m more than happy to do it now and have this visualization to reflect on!

This being said I want to share what I came up with.

Illustrations by Laura Bei. Creating a brand moodboard
Illustrations by Laura Bei. Creating digital collage. Brand mood board.
Illustrations by Laura Bei. Branding. Colors.
Illustrations by Laura Bei. Creating a brand mood board. Digital collage.

These collages were made using photoshop. Some of the images are mine and others taken from my pinterest board. Have a look! I saved these images to use as the backgrounds for my phone and found them very inspiring!

Do you create moodboards? If yes, share a link to it in the comments!

If you are not into ‘‘digital stuff’’ check out my blog post about creating simple collage in my notebook!