Learn Photoshop Series | How to create a seamless pattern + FREE phone wallpaper

Learn photoshop series - how to easily create a seamless pattern.jpg

In this digital age it is so important to work not only on paper. You need to know programs like photoshop to be able to work on your art with computer. At first it sounds scary, I know! But in these Learn Photoshop Series I will show you how easy it is to transfer your art to computer and polish it! I'm not a pro, but on my way of experimentation I found a way to take care of my art and I want to share this knowledge with ya! Really you just have to know a few simple steps. That's not hard at all. In about 10 minutes or less you can create a beautiful shareable digital version of your art work! 

We already discussed how to take care of the background & How to easily change image colorsSo up next is:


It is so fun to have various patterns by the side to fill in shapes or backgrounds! All those simple dots, strokes and other cute little things helping to create. I use this method very often. Create interesting brush strokes and geometric designs with it. Making a pattern might save you so much time. Let's learn how to do it!


If you are familiar with this maybe learning from images will be faster for you. If not, do not worry! I'll explain it step by step:

1. Create new page (I've chosen dimensions to be 500x500 px) and choose the background to be transparent. Select a brush tool and start drawing your shapes. 

If you want to create a pattern from some png image that you already have saved then just drag & drop it on this layer. Arrange its possition in the middle.

2. While drawing or pasting to fill in your page be aware of the edges. You don't want to touch them, because then a pattern might not turn out to be seamless. 

3. After filling in the page click Filter > Other > Offset. The tab will open with squares to fill in the dimensions where you want to split your image.

4. I've chosen my image dimesions to be 500x500 px so I type in 250px horizontal and 250px vertical. Split your canvas size by half. For example, if my canvas would have been 1000x1500 px I would write 500px horizontal and 750px vertical. Now you should see your image reshaping if the preview is checked on.

5. This last step made our pattern seamless. Now you are able to fill in any gaps that appered in the middle (where the edges were before).

6. When done click edit and define pattern. 

If you are working with multiple layers, make sure to select all of them before defining a pattern. 

7. Name your pattern and click OK.

8. Now create a new page to try out your new pattern! Double click on the new layer to unlock it. Then  right click the layer and in the meniu that pops out select > Blending options. If you double click the layer it will pop immediately.

9. Select > Pattern fill and search for your new pattern. You can scale it and drag it around your canvas now. It's done!

If you want to add a pattern to the brush stoke, then instead of creating a new page with white backgroud, make it transparent. Then select Pattern fill like before and start drawing with a brush! To add a background in any color create a new layer underneath and fill it with color (use bucket tool for this).

So, that was super simple right? Now let's play around and create tons of new patterns!

I turned this dotted pattern into cute wallpaper for your phone. One to make the clock pop out more and other simple as that. Just click below to download it right to your mobile!