Connecting google analytics with squarespace

A quick and easy tutorial on how to connect google analytics with squarespace.

Let me first tell you, that I'm not a "tech" person. All the coding and computer stuff looks like a dark forest for me! However, when I want something done - I do my best. As living on a student budget I know that it is hard to hire designers, assistants and other smart people for every little task... It is especially hard when you are just starting and not making any money from blogging (I'm here with you!). All the investments seems already too big and while I know how to "google things" I want to show you how easy some tasks are. 

To connect the beautiful squarespace site of yours with google analytics is necessary, so you could see and track your progress. There is no fun in writing huge blog posts and spending time on creating visual graphics, if no one is caring about it.

This will keep your motivation up and make sure that you can see the daily visitors that comes to your site and clicks around! Also, connecting squarespace with google analytics will make it easier to evaluate what parts of your website and blog content have the biggest value.

Let's start!

1. First things first. To link these platforms you will have to create an account on google analytics. That is easy, just head over HERE and sign up! 

2. Once you write in your information click on "Get tracking ID" button.

3. When your account will be created you you will be directed to the main page. Look around and find your Tracking ID. It contains letters and numbers. Copy it.

4. Head over to your squarespace account and follow these steps:

Settings -> Advanced -> External services -> Type in your google analytics account number (Tracking ID)

Steps on connecting your squarespace website with google analytics

That's it. You have connected your accounts. It may take up to 24 hours for site statistics to show up in Google Analytics. So, be patient and check it after some time to see your stats!

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