My 2 favorite apps for capturing ideas, planning & making lists

My 2 favorite apps for capturing ideas, planning & making lists - by Laura Bei.jpg

Have you ever been on a road and hit with a sudden urge to draw something? Or have inspiration to make a list for things to draw in the future? Ideas come to our head & if not captured they fly away very quickly! I've been struggling with taking a notebook and pen with me all the time. The fact is that it's inconvenient if traveling, driving or doing any other activity that involves motion! As the real paper will for sure be my number one option, digital device is always around and more comfortable to use one the go. 

For this reason I decided to share two of my favorite apps for capturing ideas, thoughts and random sketches. These apps are combining note taking and sketching functions. Not something fancy, but perfect for saving that brilliant idea for later revision!


This is the first app I tried and no use it over a year now! It's super easy to navigate and master. Evernote lets you create notebooks for different projects. They are easily accessible and you can mark every note with tags. This way nothing gets lost!

Take photos, sketch, write and make lists in it. With free plan you get 60 MB of space monthly and can synchronize this app between 2 devices. This is so comfortable. Everything created on the phone will appear on computer/tablet. I really like navigation of this app and think that it's very useful not only for drawing related ideas but also for blogging! I wrote more than a few blog posts directly into evernote. Also I upload photos from computer to share them on instagram through the phone (clever me). Making check lists is also super cool option!  

Download it from here: Android |

Here are a few random sketches I made with evernote! I know, they are awful and show nothing interesting, but having this fast ability to capture idea is amazing. Later these sketches came to life on paper with pens and watercolors. I could have forgotten the whole concept just within minutes if not evernote.

Sketching fast drawing ideas with evernote

I know that this stuff looks like random nonsense, but from time to time it helped me to keep track of that creative flood in my head!

Google keep

This is another app I like a lot. It has all the same features like evernote but notes are displayed not as a list but like sticky notes. It looks different and is more convenient for short note taking. That's why I like to use both of these apps! All the main features are the same. But the best thing is that space you can use & device synchronization is unlimited! There are no notebooks for managing notes, but tags and different color options won't let your notes to get lost. Also the most important ones can be pinned on top so finding them is very easy.

I don't really like to draw on the phone. It's hard and there is no pleasure in it. I'm a paper girl all the way, hands down! But gethering quick ideas like this let's me have lots of inspiration when drawing urge comes. No more worrying about what to draw. Make a sketch, combine a checklist and everything will be on hand in all the devices.

Download it from here: Android | iOs

The best thing is that these apps let you save content from the web, take photos and snap inspiration directly from the place you see it! No fancy sketching app with lots of brushes and papers has this opportunity.

Have you ever used these or any similar apps? If yes, share your favorite in the comments! Or maybe you are a fan of good old notebooks?