How to get things done and establish a morning routine

How to get things done and establish a morning routine - by Laura Bei.jpg

I know it's everywhere! Tips & tricks saying to change your whole life in order to fit into the system. The system of running and busy people. We all want to be busy. That's because sitting and snoozing doesn't get us anywhere. Feeling unproductive in the 21st century makes our brain scream and shrink from pain.

I want to tell you up front that by implementing any routines into a daily life you might get nothing out of it. However, if a miracle happens and you honestly try because you really need it... Chances are big that happiness and creative sparkle will come back to your soul. Maybe it will be the next morning that you wake up smiling. Eager to do all the amazing stuff that's on your mind!

But without trying you won't know, right?

Detach from list making

It's not for everyone to keep a planner and jot down random things 5 times a day. Maybe this is reducing your productivity? I've been there. Felt miserable after crossing just 2-3 lines of that neverending to-do list. Or being unsatisfied about how messy and unperfect it looks! Reminds you of anyone?

Tips to fix this:

  • Go small, just 5 things per day can be enough.

  • Stop writing those things that you will do anyway, just the most important stuff.

  • Maybe keeping a notebook is just not for you - try sticky notes or paper scraps. I find that I can only write on separate paper pages. Drafts in a notebook is instantly irritating me.

  • Go digital! I already talked about 2 programs that I'm using and loving.

  • Don't make to do lists at all. Maybe your head is fully functional anyway? Some things that are working for others might not be so well for you. If list making is not making you productive than it has no purpose, right?

Divide tasks

  • Don't be afraid to accomplish less than planned.

  • Divide tasks rationally between several days.

  • Don't fret to change your plans in the process. Stop and reinvent if things are going not like you hoped. Just don't leave it for too long so that past ghosts would start to haunt you!

  • Ask for help and don't try to manage it all alone. Some help from aside can really change things!

Have regular rest time

Rest breaks are important. Go to eat, drink coffee or watch a cartoon in the middle of the day. Don't forget to get up from your chair every 30-60 minutes. Walk around, stretch. 

Use Pomodoro timer if that's needed. This app allows you to set work-rest periods and peeps everytime you need to start working or take a break. So useful for those who tend to get hypnotized when working and even forget to eat! I'm so on this list...

Create a morning routine

Make your morning a habit. Not a simple one but the one that would boost your creativity! Get up and start your day early. Without rushing and running.

  • Prepare for your day - shower, make your bed, eat and dress up.

  • Read - the best would be reading a book and not Instagram captions. These doesn't count! A magazine is also perfect. Spend this time away from the computer.

  • Journal - draw, sketch, write ideas. Do something creative to give your brain a boost. Even if this means taking a needle with thread and start embroidering.

  • Workout - stretch or walk your dog. Run around, go to the gym or just clean your house. Get that energy boost. Your body also needs to wake up!

  • Learn something - open up youtube not just for movie trailers or music. Search for something you don't know but are interested into. Also, you can register to skillshare for various classes!

Spend 10-20 minutes watching tutorials or informative videos. I like to learn about colors, design, logo making and freelancing. There is a lot of useful information totally free to use and improve yourself.

After a slow hour or two start working. Go to university/work/home desk and get things done!

Quit multitasking

Stick to one task. No facebook or Instagram checking while editing photos or drawing something. No email checking while still working on something important. Finish that task, move on to another. During your break procrastinate and dive into social networks. Just don't forget to come back from it!

Of course, your dog should get his kisses and cuddles, you know, this doesn't count...

Tips on how to get things done!

There are so many other things to include into this list. However if you or me would try to implement everything right from the start we would fail even before starting. It's better to stick with a slow walk around the park than try to climb mountain Everest without any equipment, right? Just for now.

Most important note: if you fail, that's perfect! It means you tried for some time. Now just pick yourself up and start again. You can do it because you need it. Without trying it just won't happen. Take all the tries you need. C'mon, even a cat can screw up 8 times. Only 9th one counts!

Good luck, friend.
I'll be stumbling right here with you!