How to be a productive artist while procrastinating

How to be a productive artist while procrastinating | Tips and tricks!

I know that multitasking is bad. Everyone can agree that a person can really focus on one/two things at a time. Also, often while procrastinating, we do activities that are totally unrelated to the stuff that really has to be done. Procrastination happens when serious work is waiting but our mind is still sleeping. Have you been there? I have (watching tv series while I should be studying is the worst)!

Some days just have to be slow and procrastination is not always bad. The balance between work & rest is very important! As artists, we have a lot of stuff that needs to be done but doesn't require a lot of attention. So what tasks can be completed while binge watching Netflix all evening?

Sketching and brainstorming ideas

Raw ideas come and go to creative minds all the time. Have a notebook near you. Write or sketch whatever comes to your head while those zombies/werewolves/vampires are running around on the screen!

Make a list! This is my favorite thing to do. Observe everything around and really see things. Maybe there's something you could draw or create a poem about? Even a cup of cold coffee can become a huge art masterpiece, you know... It just needs your creative eye and soon sparkles will start coming out of it!

I make lists of "Things to draw in the near future" all the time. Making weird and interesting combinations boosts creativity. Also, later I have a long list of what to create on a rainy day. Few examples from my list:

  • flower around the moon
  • bear in a cup
  • galaxy and whale
  • snake on a plate

You get the idea!

Scanning artwork

I put this off all the time. But the reality is that it still needs to be done! One eye on the show, one on a computer. One hand switching channels, one hand setting parameters and hitting that scan button! 

Working with Photoshop

Many actions are monotonic, isn't this true? I bet you could almost do it with your eyes closed! I talked a lot about simple steps on how to digitize your drawing. Take care of the background, change image colors & create new patterns.

Actually drawing

Add details to your work if you work in a few different steps. Paint with different mediums. Make backgrounds for upcoming projects. There is so much stuff to be done!

Get inspired

Of course, you do this anyway, but - Pinterest. Gathering inspiration, saving tutorials and useful tips. It's really good for you brain to search for inspiration. Visual images and colors can boost creativity instantly! Just make sure that digital impact on your work would not be bigger than your own surroundings and imagination. Those things that make you great and exceptional!

How to be a productive artist while procrastinating  Tips and tricks!

Generally, you have to experiment and see what works for you. Don't fret, my friend. We have all been there! Just don't beat yourself & do something useful step by step. Even though your eyes are on tv!

Are you a big procrastinator or already got rid of this habit? Share in the comments!