Ideas for making patterns with handmade stamps | Tutorial

Tutorial for making patterns with hand made stamps.jpg

Today I'm here with a fun tutorial on how simple things that you already have at home can serve as perfect stamps! This is all about creating texture, pattern and seeing objects in different light.

Don't you love that simple and messy textured paper that can be paired with almost everything? I sure do! From journaling and art projects to scrapbooking and digital pattern creating. The options to use these kind of patterns are endless (they sure will look perfect paired with your last travel photos, haha)!

So let's look around our home and see what we can grab for this project.

Creating textures and patterns with hand made stamps. DIY project | Art | Patterns

Me and my little helper sniffed around the house and found these goodies to play with:

  • old wooden block from Jenga game
  • piece of round cork
  • stone wrapped in yarn 
  • cloth
  • belt buckle
  • ear buds
  • textured material
  • painting sponge

All these things are super random. But I captured textures on them which could be transformed into a nice pattern! Also I picked up my black gouache paints to paint on and make stamps.

These are the results from each object! I simply applied paint on them and made random prints. Loooove the end result. You can't even tell what was used to make it! I'm planing to scan every piece and use the patterns for digital projects and also for journaling.

This activity is so liberating and creative. It boosts energy and inspires to make art in a different way. Will definitely make more stamps out of random stuff, haha!

Creating patterns and textures with hand made stamps. DIY tutorials | Art | Pattern

What do think? What are the things around you that can be used for stamping? Let me know in the comments!

I hope this project can inspire you to look around and see possible art objects in a different way. Be creative and share your stamping creations!

You can find me on instagram, can't wait to see what you came up with. Good luck!