How to create a marble texture using nail polish | Tutorial

Tutorial on how to create a marble texture with nail polish

So your eyes catch these amazing textures all over the internet, but the DIY version still remains a mystery? Don't worry, it is more than easy to create these beauties!

You will need a piece of paper, bowl of water & a few colors of nail polish.

Just drip a few drops of different nail polish into the water and place the paper on top. Then pick it up holding the edge and place on the paper towel. That's about it!

Repeat it until you ran out of paper or nail polish, haha. Because I warn you - the process is addictive.

Some tips before you start:

  • Don't use a ruler or something else to wipe the excess of nail polish, it will easily dry out. But if you wipe it out strokes will appear on the pattern.
  • Don't play for too long, because nail polish is really lacquer and you might get dizzy from the smell. The best would be to work in a well ventilated area and later put your creations to dry outside.
  • Use wooden stick to create patterns on water and move nail polish around.
  • Also, wear protective gloves if you don't want to get nail polish on your fingers. It is really hard to pick up paper from the bowl without having a good bath for your hands!
How to create marble pattern using nail polish - tutorial

I gathered some really amazing list of marble DIY projects for you to review and admire:

Head over to my Pinterest board that is all about DIY to find more fun projects from around the world!

Do you imagine all the possibilities these marble patterns can offer??? Starting from the unique & one of a kind DIY postcard ending with the most splendid design tool for digital work. Plus, this texture can be applied not only on paper. Try to cover a coaster, vase or wooden plate with it. So many ways to experiment!

You can also dip your nails in this bowl & get a splendid manicure. I did. One finger this time because it gets really messy but oh sooooo worth it!

Marble pattern DIY project using nail polish

This technique got me carried away so I created more designs than a normal human would need. It all can't only turn into cute postcards and wall art - I needed to create something more shareable... So, here you go.

You even don't have to get your hands dirty to get it! And a little bonus is that this pack is totally free. Yep, grab it from my resources library & enjoy every digital creation.

These patterns can be used in so many ways:

  • social media graphics
  • art printables
  • backgrounds / wallpapers
  • digital post cards
  • product marketing
  • stationery projects and so on...

>> If you would like to apply these patterns for commercial use just contact me for the licence! Other way, use these cuties how ever you want. 

Marble texture diy project using nail polish

What are your thoughts? Gonna try this technique or already did it & maybe have any tips? Share your experience here in the comments.

And don't forget to grab the free digital download of marble patterns!

Also, take a snap of your creation and tag me on Instagram so we could admire it together ( @nulaura ).