How to keep it simple and visually attractive? 5 steps to instantly upgrade your social media game!

5 steps to instantly upgrade your social media game - by Laura Bei.jpg

Constant worries about social content and right pictures for the right message brings you a headache? Tremble no more! With simple visual thinking and few design tricks you will develop that necessary graphic muscle that will change your instagram feed, rock your business & lift your spirit! 

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Rational minimalism

Don't be a neat freak. Have a character and own your voice! Minimalism is not about wiping everything out and starting with clean slate. It's about seeing things that are most important and combining it with your style. All white and all empty will tell nothing about you and your business. So deciding on overall brand message (what are your values?), props you are going to use (mine are dried flowers) and brand colors (these are so very important!) is the first thing you must do!

Take your notebook and write this stuff down to be a constant reminder what you strive to be and what your clients should see when visiting your social media. It would be so cool if your phone wallpaper would have your brand colors and vibe! Imagine this constant style guide popping at you throughout the day?! Good motivation, I say.

Use hierarchy & space

Guide your audiences eyes and let them see what is really important! By using visual hierarchy you will guide those who see your posts and provide them most valuable information. 

To realize this use color & contrast, spacing, composition, size, alignment and repetition. Also, use white pace to create more playground. Take flat lay photos from greater distance & arrange your props so there is plenty of room in the photo. 

Flower is power image created with Canva

Count every detail

Don't over complicate your visuals. Keep it as simple as possible by deciding on what things bring most value in your pictures. You don't want for visitors eye to jump around from one corner to another not knowing where to focus. No matter if you are taking a photo or designing something. Have in mind what colors and details will surround the picture (if it is your instagram feed) or if it will stand alone (like in facebook) and make sure tiny things (like text) are clear and easy to notice.

Limit your colors

Don't think that you must use only white background and nothing else! That's so not true. You have to integrate your brand colors and details to make your brand recognisable. White doesn't scream original, right? It has to be a perfect mix of color and various shades.

Pick a few basic colors and stick with them! Use complementary colors, lighter/darker shades, stick with the same picture tone (warm or cold). Keep the same color palette throughout your feed no matter if you share your daily life, brand behind the scenes or even products. I know it is not easy, but once you get a hang of what your colors are it will be peace of cake. And if you are a brand you already have those essentials colors and your mood style. Use it!


Try to echo everything once in a while because this way you will be instantly recognisable. Try to figure out your thing whether or not it is inspiration words, bouquets of flowers or sleeping cat pictures. Use it to your advantage and build your audience around it. This is your voice, your image & your brand!

Why all of this is necessary?

Minimal design will help you translate essential message in a better way because clutter stands in a way of understanding. Think about this. If you see overload of information, nothing seems important. So color buckets, different styles and vague communication strategies are your worst enemies! Take time to prepare content ahead because you need to know what's coming and be calm (no stress when it is time to post!).

State your images as clear as your words

Take a look at my wooden watch photo shoot! I tried to apply all of the rules above so that these visualizations would go perfect with my overall feed on Instagram

Aren't these unique watches just perfect??? Mine here is from Frankie series - Saldalwood & Emerald. The color is pure heaven for a nature lover like me! 

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What would be your wooden pick? 

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