3 actionable steps to kickstart your new business today

Kickstart your business in 3 actionable steps today - by Laura Bei.jpg

So you keep dreaming about an idea, seeing it more clearly every day, but still not knowing where to start. How does a business even begin? What it takes to make dream a reality? To create a living out of your hobby? First of all it doesn’t require a fancy website or glamorous business cards. All it takes to live the life you want is community & presence.

To start shaping your blank idea into reality you gonna need an action plan that has to involve these steps.

Write down your vision & expectations

Every thought can't be loosely flying around in your busy head, it must be put down on paper! This involves figuring out what you will do as a new business owner, for who you gonna do it and what are the key benefits of your business. These are very clear questions to answer, so no going around the bushes here!

Once these are figured out, move along to more abstract questions - your dreams & vision. What you hope to achieve with this new adventure in 3, 6 months, one year? Write down your goals, mark, highlight & read it over and over again!

The whole point of this exercise is to get a full picture of what you want to do. It will be easier to talk about your growing hobby to potential customers if you will exactly know what to say.

Create your online presence

Even if you are just starting out your name must be visible & easy to find. If it takes me forever to google in order to find some decent information about you I will not proceed with it! Neither will anyone else. We, people, got used to getting information in a matter of seconds, so we take what we can find most quickly.

1-3 social media accounts are the maximum of what you need to think of right now! Use your business name to create it. Don’t mix your personal account with business one. It is important to inform people about what it is you do, who you are helping and not how your breakfast looked like. Make sure to write a clear description about your business & start spreading the word!

Search for people & communicate

Now when you are in open social media waters, dig into searching for potential customers, creating relationships and spreading the word about your passion. You already know what to say, now just find the people, who will want to listen.

I know it is easier to say than actually do it. But for start it is best to research the hashtags, join groups & communities, provide answers when there are questions, share your insights on the topics that surround your business. You will start noticing attention right after giving it away yourself.

There are still a lot of things to figure out, but if you take these 3 steps TODAY you will instantly feel that this hobby is starting to grow into something else. Into business! Your dreams will not only live in your head, it will bloom on paper and sparkle on the wide web. The right people will find you if you will show them the way!

Of course, keep me posted on how your journey is going & let me know if you need more help with creating content for your social media!