Design trends to keep an eye for in 2019

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As new year accelerates I thought it would be useful to review the different trends that have been forecasted to reach us in 2019. I'm not very confident yet to forecast design trends on my own but I really dig into researching the industry to learn about things we will see this year. So here is the list of trends I found really interesting & maybe you will too.

I am adding the links to resources used to gather this list at the end of this article. So, please, if you enjoyed reading it, check out these awesome authors as well. Tons of useful information out there!

First of all:

Subtle motion

This is frequent in web design. Small movement when scrolling down the page really manages to captivate visitors eye.


Mobile optimization

Can we be more obvious with this one? Around 50% of internet users searches the web via mobile devices. So for a web page to load content correctly on a small screen is definitely a necessity. That's where most of the audience discovers you for the first time! My goal is to also improve & optimize my website so it would be even more user friendly.


Geometric & amorphous forms

Triangles, rectangles, circles, hexagons, blobs you name it! Basic geometric shapes are outlining graphic & web design with a bang. I especially love how clean & sophisticated a design looks when different forms are combined.


Splashes of color

Bold, contrasting colors helps to make a statement, right? I believe we will see a lot of graphics with the Living Coral - Pantone color of the year as well!


Modern Collage

Combining different mediums & styles is a recipe for interesting result. This trend is definitely in my highlight list!

eugenia loli.jpg

Video content

People are into video content, they love seeing the real & moving part of your business. Therefore, video content is finding its way to reach you not only from social media feeds, but also from web headers & landing pages.

Round corners & soft lines

Curves imitating natural shapes are being combined with bold colors.


Striving for simplicity

Simply because less is more, it has always been. By focusing on essentials we draw attention where it has to be.

Broken grid layouts

Asymmetry is capturing the eye in layout design.

Custom made illustrations

This trend is my personal favorite, because the handcrafted design is being highlighted & loved. Custom art can tell so much about your story & the possibilities of incorporating it into social media communication are just endless!



If these trends don't fascinate your eye, embrace yourself, because you still gonna see it everywhere (especially in the digital world). It's inevitable & already happening! So if you have been hiding your designs under a rock for some time, now is the perfect moment to take another look & make those revisions.

But the most important thing is to stay true to yourself. Overview trends, know what's happening, but don't follow everything blindly. When creating new designs or updating older ones use only carefully selected strategies that perfectly suits your customers brand & vision.

Simple design, thoughtful communication & branded vision always wins over trending tricks. So if you do a great job, people will not see trends. Instead, they will recognize & love your amazing business and will be eager to pass a good word to their friends.

Are you eager to see something from this list? O maybe there are trends that honestly scares you?

Let’s discuss!