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Two best apps for capturing ideas, making lists and planning your next drawing.

Have you ever been on a road and hit with a sudden urge to draw something? Ideas come to our head & if not captured they fly away very quickly! I've been struggling with taking a notebook and pen with me all the time. The fact is that it's incovenient if traveling, driving or doing any other activity that involves motion! As the real paper will for sure be my number one option, digital device is always around and more comfortable to use one the go. 

For this reason I decided to share two of my favorite apps for capturing ideas, thoughts and random sketches.

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Professional ALPHA design markers | Review

Recently I bought myself a present - new art supplies. A lot of stationery lovers would know that amazing feeling of having new pens, paints and other cool stuff to play with. Something mesmerizing about it!

So I was looking for some new coloring pens for a while now and bought ALPHA design markers. Based on high quality non-toxic alcohol ink these pens have two tips with different width - fine and broad one. After trying them out I decided to share my opinion and give you a review about it!

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Drawing a post card | Process

Today I want to share a process of drawing a postcard! These houses and flowers came together when I was thinking about balance. Harmony between city and nature is always an issue. It's being talked over and over everywhere on the net. 

I imagine a beautiful and colorful life in the city where all people could be as much near nature as possible. Bright colors, blooming flowers and green leaves all around the big houses. Of course fluffy pink clouds are also on the list in my imagination!

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6 different ideas on how to decorate your home walls | + FREE PRINTABLE

We all have that boring empty wall in our home that just asks to be renewed and decorated. This week I have a few simple suggestions on how to decorate and make it look more interesting. A small change on the walls might give a new vibe to the whole room.


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Drawing a flash sheet with pens and paints

I currently am out of sketchbooks! Never thought that this could happen, because I always have a spear, but somehow I finished all of my notebooks... Until I will haunt that perfect one (am I the only one who loves buying new stationery??) I decided to draw my illustrations on one sheet of paper. This was the perfect opportunity to try out my new gouache paints!

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My drawing process | Creating a pattern

Today I'm sharing the process of one of my recent patterns. It was a fun project because I quickly did a few backgrounds with gouache and then worked on my favorite part - added details and made a pattern! For this, I used a pencil and a black + green gel pens.

In the beginning, all I had was a pre-made background. Colorful and messy!

Let's start this creative process!

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