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How to create a marble texture using nail polish | Tutorial

So your eyes catch these amazing textures all over the internet, but the DIY version still remains a mystery? Don't worry, it is more than easy to create these beauties!

Just drip a few drops of different nail polish into the water and place the paper on top. Then pick it up holding the edge and place on the paper towel. That's about it!

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Creative activities | Journaling and making collage with prints on colored paper + FREE BUTTERFLY CLIP ART DOWNLOAD

I like journaling a lot. Expressing through collage making, doodling and lettering is the best creative activity! One thing that I learned from daily practicing is that experimenting is the key to stimulating mind and starting the day right. Trying new things is inseparable from rewarding and happy feelings afterwards. 


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Learn Photoshop Series | How to create a seamless pattern + FREE phone wallpaper

In this digital age it is so important to work not only on paper. You need to know programs like photoshop to be able to work on your art with computer. At first it sounds scary, I know! But in these Learn Photoshop Series I will show you how easy it is to transfer your art to computer and polish it! I'm not a pro, but on my way of experimentation I found a way to take care of my art and I want to share this knowledge with ya! Really you just have to know a few simple steps. That's not hard at all. In about 10 minutes or less you can create a beautiful shareable digital version of your art work! 

It is so fun to have various patterns by the side to fill in shapes or backgrounds! All those simple dots, strokes and other cute little things helping to create. I use this method very often. Create interesting brush strokes and geometric designs with it. Making a pattern might save you so much time. Let's learn how to do it!

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6 different ideas on how to decorate your home walls | + FREE PRINTABLE

We all have that boring empty wall in our home that just asks to be renewed and decorated. This week I have a few simple suggestions on how to decorate and make it look more interesting. A small change on the walls might give a new vibe to the whole room.


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