Drawing a post card | Process

Today I want to share a process of drawing a postcard! These houses and flowers came together when I was thinking about balance. Harmony between city and nature is always an issue. It's being talked over and over everywhere on the net. 

I imagine a beautiful and colorful life in the city where all people could be as much near nature as possible. Bright colors, blooming flowers and green leaves all around the big houses. Of course fluffy pink clouds are also on the list in my imagination!

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How to create a watercolor effect using only felt tip pens and water | Tutorial

Sometimes being a lazy human being can lead to wonderful discoveries, don't you agree? While ago when I was tired enough to search for my watercolor paints (I have a habit to put stuff somewhere I can't find later) I grabbed my little sisters set of felt tip pens and started experimenting.

It seems that to create that beautifully faded watercolor effect on your drawing doesn't even require to have watercolor paint.

Click to read more and see the process!

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How to draw with tempera on colored cardboard |Tutorial

All my teenage years I was painting with gouache. This medium became so boring and unpleasant for me. I hated it! But last couple of months I'm starting to refresh my memory and get friendly with gouache and other paints again. Tempera is the cheaper version of gouache, made from egg yolks (instead of gum arabic like gouache) and color pigment.

I have to say that it is not so bad as it used to be, at least while I can pick paper myself and there's no need to draw an old vase that is displayed in front of me on an old scrap of fabric. Now again I can feel joy while painting instead of struggle and boredom!

Because of this guilty new pleasure I want to share the process of drawing colorful flower bouquets.

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6 different ideas on how to decorate your home walls | + FREE PRINTABLE

We all have that boring empty wall in our home that just asks to be renewed and decorated. This week I have a few simple suggestions on how to decorate and make it look more interesting. A small change on the walls might give a new vibe to the whole room.


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How to use a ruler for drawing | Tutorial

Some time ago I made a few pages using this simple technique and just now started decorating and doodling  with black pens. Today decided to show you how simple it is to create something this colorful and messy. I know you love messy!

These pages can be used in various different ways from art projects to inserts for planners. The process is very fun and lets you get creative in every step. You won't even need a brush, how cool is that?

So let's start!

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Drawing a flash sheet with pens and paints

I currently am out of sketchbooks! Never thought that this could happen, because I always have a spear, but somehow I finished all of my notebooks... Until I will haunt that perfect one (am I the only one who loves buying new stationery??) I decided to draw my illustrations on one sheet of paper. This was the perfect opportunity to try out my new gouache paints!

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5 ways to get inspired without using internet resources

 It is so easy to get lost in the wide internet trap! You decide just to check out emails and spend the whole hour browsing through Pinterest or Instagram, sometimes even both. Guilty? This is a real struggle! And often times when you want to be inspired or just starting the work on some project and want to look up for something it can get so overwhelming on the web... Know the feeling? I do!

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Creating a watercolor background using plastic wrap | Tutorial

New week and I'm back with another fun way to mix up that background drawing routine! As you know, pages with watercolor backgrounds can be used in a hundred different ways. Starting from creating a foundation for your art work and ending with various DIY projects. For example, how cute would some paper feathers look on a dream catcher if made from beautiful and colorfully painted paper? Paper crafts are always a good idea when you want to find an easy and not so expensive way to decorate your home. Or imagine cute little inserts for that daily planner you cannot live without!

So let's get to work!

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My drawing process | Creating a pattern

Today I'm sharing the process of one of my recent patterns. It was a fun project because I quickly did a few backgrounds with gouache and then worked on my favorite part - added details and made a pattern! For this, I used a pencil and a black + green gel pens.

In the beginning, all I had was a pre-made background. Colorful and messy!

Let's start this creative process!

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How to sew a basic notebook | Tutorial

Recently I'm obsessed with scrolling through Pinterest and searching for art journaling inspiration. I have found tons of creative people and their amazing art journals (I even created a whole board dedicated for that! You can check it HERE) and I thought that it is about time to stop scrolling, admiring and watching to the screen and start acting!

So what do you need to start an art journal? Of course - journal! What could be better than a handmade one? If you would like to start from the scratch and sew a simple notebook for yourself you came to the right place!

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