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Why it is important for a business to choose perfect brand colors

It’s so interesting to realize that colors have such a huge impact to our lives. It can describe us, move us, form our opinions, help us visualize things & so much more. In this post I want to remind you the beauty and meaning behind different colors so that the next time when you’ll have to make a decision there would be no stress or worries about the secrets behind this magic.

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How to get things done and establish a morning routine

I know it's everywhere! Tips & tricks saying to change your whole life in order to fit into the system. System of running and busy people. We all want to be busy. That's because sitting and snoozing doesn't get us anywhere. Feeling unproductive in 21st. century makes our brain scream and shrink from pain.

I want to tell you up front that by implementing any routines into daily life you might get nothing out of it. However, if a miracle happens and you honestly try because you really need it... Chances are big that happiness and creative sparcle will come back to your soul. Maybe it will be the next morning that you wake up smilling. Eager to do all the amazing stuff that's on your mind. 

But without trying you won't know, right?

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How to keep it simple and visually attractive? 5 steps to instantly upgrade your social media game!

Constant worries about social content and right pictures for the right message brings you a headache? Tremble no more! Whith simple visual thinking and few design tricks you will develop that necessary graphic muscle that will change your instagram feed, rock your business & lift your spirit! 

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