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How to get things done and establish a morning routine

I know it's everywhere! Tips & tricks saying to change your whole life in order to fit into the system. System of running and busy people. We all want to be busy. That's because sitting and snoozing doesn't get us anywhere. Feeling unproductive in 21st. century makes our brain scream and shrink from pain.

I want to tell you up front that by implementing any routines into daily life you might get nothing out of it. However, if a miracle happens and you honestly try because you really need it... Chances are big that happiness and creative sparcle will come back to your soul. Maybe it will be the next morning that you wake up smilling. Eager to do all the amazing stuff that's on your mind. 

But without trying you won't know, right?

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My 2 favorite apps for capturing ideas, planning & making lists

Have you ever been on a road and hit with a sudden urge to draw something? Ideas come to our head & if not captured they fly away very quickly! I've been struggling with taking a notebook and pen with me all the time. The fact is that it's incovenient if traveling, driving or doing any other activity that involves motion! As the real paper will for sure be my number one option, digital device is always around and more comfortable to use one the go. 

For this reason I decided to share two of my favorite apps for capturing ideas, thoughts and random sketches.

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5 ways to get inspired without using internet resources

 It is so easy to get lost in the wide internet trap! You decide just to check out emails and spend the whole hour browsing through Pinterest or Instagram, sometimes even both. Guilty? This is a real struggle! And often times when you want to be inspired or just starting the work on some project and want to look up for something it can get so overwhelming on the web... Know the feeling? I do!

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